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Time and an Old Brain

2:45 PM


Yesterday I found this photograph that I had taken in the Gaslight District of San Diego while on vacation. This is the actual thought progression that went through my head:

"That's a cool clock. I should save it on the blog. I remember this day. It was after lunch. We ate at Sammy's Woodfired Pizza and Grill and I had to send my gluten-free order back because they put a piece of bread on the plate. It's been a long time since I've been out with my camera. I haven't posted any recent photographs on the blog. I should do that before I get too old to hold the camera steady. How old am I now? I wonder why I didn't go into Banana Republic. I'm thirsty."

I hope I'm not the only one whose brain is turning to mush. Random thoughts flit through my head like a moth on crack. No rhyme nor reason, y'all! As soon I thought "I'm thirsty" I got up to go forage in the refrigerator and forgot about the photo and the blog.

...and it's not just thoughts.

I headed to kitchen to get something to drink, noticed the dog had thrown the pillow on the floor again, decided it would look better in the upstairs guest bedroom, went upstairs, put it on the bed and decided the throw at the end of the bed would look better on the Man Cave sofa. I sat on the "freshly-throwed" Man Cave sofa and turned on the television. A Budweiser commercial came on and I realized I was still thirsty and never got anything to drink.


I remember one time Mama's friend, Ruth, told her that it was hard pushing 60. Mama replied, "Hell you ought to be pulling it."

Although I'm not yet "pulling 60", I am pushing on it pretty hard and I think my brain is proving it.

Finding this photo also made me feel pretty bad about not getting outside with my camera this entire winter. (Storing/sharing my photographs was the initial reason I started a blog.) When the days are short and the temperature drops the only time I am motivated to go outside the house is when there is no food left or someone is having a huge sale on Diet Coke. It turns out that my winter hobbies of eating food, reading books, and watching reality show marathons aren't very photogenic.

Anyway, I'm posting the photo before I get distracted by a dust bunny and the process begins again.

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  1. Dee... I can relate. The thing I do the most is climb the stairs, and pause to try to think what I needed up there. I never remember til I go downstairs again. This can go on all day. At least I'm getting some exercise! Enjoy your Sunday!


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