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11:08 AM

I think I have established many times that I hate cold weather. I hate cold even if it comes from an air conditioner. Perhaps that is because I have the body temperature of a turtle. (Confession: I'm really a reptilian alien that lives amongst you normal people and tries to blend in.)

Anyway..I think this photo of a little girl playing at the Riverbanks Zoo Botanical Garden sums up what I love most about spring....color! I took this photo as we were leaving the gardens and have no idea who she is, but it is such a happy photo and one of my favorites.

Our temperatures are finally in the 80's and I am loving life again. I know 90's and triple digits won't be far behind, but it doesn't bother me. I've learned to tune out Moonpie's constant whining about the heat and humidity just as much as he tunes out my whining when it is cold. (Tuning out your partner is Secret #4 from my Happy Marriage Manual)

My reptilian soul is singing Halleluiahs!

And there is another reason why my soul is singing right now...............

My world has kind of been on hold for the past few weeks waiting on a special package to arrive. Although the delivery time was originally set for April 16, we were alerted that it may arrive too early.

We went through a tense week...then another...then another...

Then on April 2 at 3:18 pm the package, although delivered a bit early, arrived in perfect condition.

See what we got for Easter?

Can there be any better delivery than this one?

His parents think he will play for the USC Gamecocks. His aunt and uncle think he will play for Clemson. Another uncle will try to lure him to Michigan so he can go blue. Only I know the truth..

This is a future Georgia Bulldog!

Happy Spring! (and a belated Happy Easter)

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  1. Adorable...my neighbor is currently attending USC...loves it. I would root for any team this little guy plays for...Congrats.

  2. Congrats!!! What a little cutie pie!


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