Autumn's Last Stand (and Why I'm Stressing)

1:44 PM

We have flowers blooming that remind us that the calendar says it is still autumn, but they probably bit the dust last night. Even though I begged the Canadians to shut their windows it appears that the polar vortex has seeped into the south and we're on our third day with highs only in the 40's.

Winter is my least favorite season. I pull out my sweaters and boots when it's 60 degrees. When it dips into the 40's I retreat into the fetal position under an electric blanket and watch Bravo television reality show marathons.

Before you roll your eyes and think how lucky we are to have these relatively mild temperatures...

...in a few days I'm heading to Minnesota. The high there yesterday was in the teens. I couldn't even look at the low temperatures without wondering what my obituary will say.

Moonpie doesn't help when he says things like, "It's not that bad. It's not below zero yet." Then he tells me to go buy some warm clothes. Where? They don't sell clothes down here for those temperatures unless you're shopping for camo at the Bass Pro Shop or Tractor Supply.


I am excited that we get to spend time with family that we rarely see.

It's a positive is that I made myself go ahead and get the Christmas tree up so I won't have that facing me when we get back.

Another positive is that if they do wind up burying my cold dead body in Minnesota, I won't be the one who has to take the tree down

Camo isn't that hideous..is it?

I totally get why bears sleep all winter.

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  1. I am with you! I HATE the winter as well! Have a safe trip to Minnesota! Your tree looks great!

    1. Thanks, Katie! I may be begging for cremation just to get warmed up. I'm the only menopausal woman ever who actually looked forward to hot flashes and didn't get them.


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