The Lost Pleasure of the Sunday Drive

4:24 PM

We once loved taking Sunday drives. Moonpie and I would head out with our cameras and no destination. (He called them our "Safaris".) We would just pick a direction out of town, drive until we saw roads with no names (extra points if they were dirt), and stop to snap pictures if we saw something interesting.

Then we stopped doing it. Instead we house-hunted every weekend for a year. Later we moved into a new neighborhood, settled into a new routine, and simply forgot about Sunday afternoon drives with our cameras.

While house hunting we revisited some of our old safari places and found all the trees gone, the roads paved, and none of the old barns in sight. In their places stood brand new subdivisions with nature-sounding names like "Pineview" or "Oakhurst", but they ironically had no trees except the obligatory Bradford pears that had been planted on each lot by a developer's landscaper. (Note: I made those names up so I wouldn't point fingers.)

I hope we will get back into the habit of taking our Sunday drives because somewhere on a back road there is an old barn that is a particularly lovely shade of red. It also has a particularly lovely rusted roof. It is just waiting for someone with a camera to record that it ever existed because chances are it will soon be gone.

I hope that camera gets to be mine.

This photo taken somewhere near Lexington, SC.

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  1. I love Sunday drives, especially during the Fall, now that we are back in the Northeast. Have a great week. PS I am reading Jodi Picoult's book that you reviewed. I think we will agree to disagree on this one. I'm kind of liking it. This is why I love blogging.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, Katie! I can see from your blog photos how absolutely gorgeous the Northeast is. I sure wish I could visit many of the shops you share, too.:)

      I love that you're reading the Jodi Picoult book. I need a different point of view on this one. I'm not sure why this particular book pushed all my wrong buttons. Let me know what you think of her twist ending. (Our feelings were the same for the "Gone Girl" ending.;) Have an awesome week!


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